Disc Graphics Wins Four Gold Awards

Disc Graphics, a provider of packaging solutions located in Hauppauge, N.Y., won National Gold Awards for "Best Finishing" and "Best Printing," as well as both the National and World "Most Original" Awards at the 2009 National and World Calendar Award Competitions for its entry "In A Nutshell."

Additionally, the company earned recognition for excellence by being one of the finalists for the competition’s "Calendar of the Year" award.

For its theme, Disc Graphics focused on many of the world’s greatest challenges, from global warming and species extinction to deforestation and energy utilization, as well as how they’re all interrelated. What made "In A Nutshell" such a visually striking calendar was how the company managed to combine these messages with graphic depictions of its numerous printing and production services.

"It took a great team effort to produce this calendar, and it reflects the diverse talents of many individuals," noted John Rebecchi, senior vice president for Disc Graphics. "While we of course want to promote our company’s services and commitment to green technologies, we had the same desire to inform people not only of the severity of some of our planet’s problems, but that solutions exist to rectify them. Winning four gold awards and earning a finalist ranking for ‘Best of the Year’ makes the entire project even more satisfying."