Pitney Bowes Provides Strategies To Help Mailers Prepare for Changes

Pitney Bowes Inc. is encouraging mailers to take advantage of valuable information and resources being offered to help educate themselves on the upcoming changes in prices and standards for USPS Mailing Services. The company, which provides customers with educational opportunities on important postal topics, is offering information through events, communications, and online initiatives to help mailers manage these changes and reduce postal costs.

The new price changes for USPS Mailing Services include a two-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail letters and a five-cent increase in the cost of single-piece, First-Class Mail flats. In addition to the price changes, new classification changes, modifications to mail piece characteristics and changes in classification terminology went into effect.

Mailers can find additional information, advice and insight on the new postal prices and standards at www.pbpostalinfo.com. The Pitney Bowes site includes tips for preparing for the changes and information on solutions that can help mailers reduce postage expenses.

“Education plays a critical role in helping mailers successfully manage postal changes while maximizing the value of their direct mail,” said Murray Martin, chairman, president and CEO, Pitney Bowes. “By employing the right mix of strategies and solutions, mailers can help improve their overall operational efficiency, address quality and reduce postage costs.”

Pitney Bowes has also been actively reaching out to thousands of customers to educate them on the postal price changes. District sales and other site locations across the country are hosting seminars and information sessions to keep customers informed and offer advice. Also, the firm is hosting and participating in Webinars, as well as sessions at key industry trade shows.