Neenah Paper Selected for Presidential Inauguration Invitation

Neenah Paper's Classic Crest Paper was selected for the invitation to the Jan. 20 inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. More than one million inaugural invitations were engraved and printed on Neenah's eco-friendly Classic Crest Recycled 100 Natural White. Neenah also provided the paper for the last three presidents' inaugurations.

Paper has always played an important role in history. A World Series ticket, a playbill from an award-winning Broadway show, or a newspaper heralding a significant event like NASA's first moonwalk have had special meaning for many. But on a larger scale, paper also provides a historical glimpse into our nation's highest office.

Paper will once again provide generations to come with a peek into what was important to Americans today as the presidential inaugural invitations were received this past month.

"Think of how much more we know about the birth of our nation thanks to the archived letters and papers of people like John and Abigail Adams," said Byron Racki, senior director of Fine Paper Marketing for Neenah. "Their communication was thoughtful and meaningful, creating a window into the world as it was then."

"What will this invitation say about Barack Obama's presidency when it's found in an attic or tucked in a book decades if not hundreds of years from now?" Racki wondered. "We believe the choice of an environmental paper will remind future generations of our nation's protection of the earth, and will be seen in keeping with our new president's green sensibilities."

Neenah Paper has a long history of providing paper for government documents. In 1873, the company's paper mill in Neenah, Wis., began manufacturing paper used for government documents such as bonds, deeds, and certificates as well as personal letters. Today, more than 135 years later, Neenah Paper continues to manufacture more sustainable and recycled premium papers while reducing its environmental footprint.

FSC Certified, made Carbon Neutral, and 100 percent post consumer fiber, Classic Crest Paper is part of the first generation of recycled and sustainable papers used for printing significant, permanent documents—an important milestone in papermaking.