Drytac Intros New Leasing Program

To better help customers manage their cash flow, Drytac introduced a leasing program that allows the customer to not pay up to five monthly payments during a 48-month lease. The payments are not added to the end of the lease term, so the client is only making a total of 43 monthly payments and interest rates are not inflated for this program.

"The thought behind this promotion is that we have many customers interested in our liquid UV coaters, laminators, and other equipment, but are hesitant to commit because they are afraid they may have slow months in which they may have difficulty making payments," said Drytac’s spokesperson. "This lease gives them the ability to forecast and skip up to two payments in a row, and a total of five."

According to the company, the new leasing program also gives the customers time to build up business for any new equipment they purchase from Drytac.

Rates will vary depending on lease term, and other qualifications. The customer will have the option to buy out their lease at the end of the term for only one dollar.

The lease program is scheduled to run until March 31 and is administered through a third party; not everyone will qualify.

For details, contact Jason Durgin, relationship manager, Greystone Equipment Finance, (978) 835-3983.