Editor's Note: Changing Things Up 

Summer has finally arrived—although between the drenching rain and the mild temperatures, it sure is hard to tell. To many, summer is a chance to vacation, to spend more time with family and take it easy.

This summer, however, we decided to buck the norm and provide our readers and subscribers with three issues in the July-August timeframe instead of the usual two. The July/August print edition will feature “the best of” content from both months along with print-only articles. The two eBooks will provide a combination of unique and expanded features.

Of special note, is a three-part series that will focus on a survey from April 2009 by InfoTrends and Wide-Format Imaging that was issued among print service providers, print buyers, and consumers purchasing wide-format printing. The first part, focusing on the print buyer, is available on page 15 of this eBook edition. Part two, focusing on the print service provider, can be found in the July/August print edition. Look for the third part in the August eBook.

Other highlights:

  • As part of our 2009 Ink Report, we asked our panel of ink experts to reply to questions raised by the Wide-Format Imaging Networking Group on LinkedIn.
  • Application Spotlight: LA Digital Graphics recently completed a unique rock n’ roll themed storefront for a new clothing store that’s opening in Hollywood.
  • What does your pressure-sensitive vinyl product say about you? MACtac's Stadelman focuses on what's needed to make sure installers get the best result.
  • WFI takes its annual look at the wide-format engineering printer and copier market with a comprehensive resource chart outlining the current products on the market.

Stay tuned for the next two issues in our three-issue summer! There’s still a lot more to come.