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Restaurant Rebrands Overnight with the Help of HP

The once bare, cement exterior and dark, wood interior of the Im Mee Pee Mun by Jakkajan restaurant was not enticing customers to enter as often as owner Sornkrit Thongalarm would have liked, despite the high-quality food offerings. Located in a prominent business district in Bangkok, Thailand, Thongalarm’s restaurant was in desperate need of a remodel and new brand campaign. “I think the first thing that attracts people into a restaurant is its decoration,” he said, “but it’s a matter of decorating in a short period of time.”

Thongalarm wanted a complete redesign, but he needed to minimize the amount of time his restaurant would be closed. He also wanted to use products that would be environmentally friendly and avoid leaving his customers with lingering unpleasant odors, paint fumes, and dust.

Not sure how to proceed, Sornkrit turned to the Thamnaksilp Advertising Company.

Sathit Chaiyapatanaporn, executive director of the Thamnaksilp Advertising Company, suggested Thongalarm explore another option: digital printing with the use of the HP Designjet L25500 Printer with HP Latex Inks. When Thongalarm realized the HP Designjet L25500 could fulfill his vision, he was excited to start redecorating his entire restaurant, inside and out, from the curtains and menus to the exterior walls.

Turning a Restaurant into Art

An avid art lover, Thongalarm wanted his restaurant to showcase artwork and become a gathering place for other art enthusiasts. He found two artists, Oh Futhog and P7, whose eye-catching graphics would help represent his vision of modernity and convenience.

Thongalarm decided to incorporate these vibrant graphics into every detail of the renovation. “We wanted to create something different,” Thongalarm said. “HP technology was able to perfectly capture our new design.” HP also helped to sponsor the renovation by donating all of the ink and media.

An Overnight Success

Using the HP Designjet L25500 with HP Latex Inks instead of traditional paints, wallpaper or fabrics meant there was little dry time, fewer fumes and easy setup. These factors were ideal for an overnight installation that would allow the restaurant to remain open. And because the prints are odorless, customers would not be met with unpleasant smells the next day.

Whether it’s was the material for the curtains, tabletops, aprons, or even the exterior and interior wraps, the quality of the prints exceeded his expectations. “It really brought the artists’ design to life.”

The HP materials used for the renovation include HP PVC-free Wall Paper for the wallpaper and HP Air Release Adhesive Gloss Cast Vinyl for the tabletops. The coasters and menu covers were printed on HP Durable Frontlit Scrim Banner, and the curtains and aprons were printed on HP Heavy Textile Banner. Finally, postcards and invitations announcing the redesign were printed on HP Photo-realistic Poster Paper.

This versatility, paired with the new design, helped create a consistent look and feel throughout Thongalarm’s restaurant. “Within one evening, the work was done. I didn’t need to close the restaurant at all,” Thongalarm said. “It was like getting a new place overnight.”

Irresistible Decor

With the renovation complete, Thongalarm said customers are pleased with the look and feel of the restaurant, and traffic is increasing. “We are extremely satisfied with the way the design is making our business stand out in the area,” said Thongalarm. “We are attracting more and more new customers. People walking past outside always stop to look at the restaurant and often cannot resist coming inside to take a closer look. And our existing customers have all commented positively on the new look.”

Thongalarm added, “This whole process has been remarkably smooth. After putting our faith in HP technology for the restaurant’s redesign, the outcome has proved to be even better than we could have imagined.”