Pro Imaging Golf Marks A Quarter of a Century

Barton Creek Resort & Spa was a superb choice of Pro Imaging Golf Chairman, Toren Prawdzik, for its 25 anniversary. The tournament played two of the four courses, but the challenge was the Fazio Foothills course. Twenty-one teams, spouses, and industry non-golfers joined in the five-day event.

Because of the milestone, there was a lot of history and reminiscing. The tournament began in 1987 at the Orange Tree Country Club in Orlando under the organization of Rob Davis (deceased) and Larry Anderson (former 20-year chairman) of Bremson Photo Systems (acquired by Kodak in 1993).

Recognition was given to the attendees who made all 25 tournaments: Eastman Kodak (accepted by Dave Shelp), Larry Anderson, Studio Pro Group, and Kim Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab.

Prawdzik presented the coveted Green Jackets to Tim Saur, Durst US; Larry McDonald, E. B. Luce; Jim Miller, Vista Photo; and Steve Samuel, Worth Higgins. Linda Root of Nettle Creek Photo is the only woman with two jackets, and Tom Martin of Cygnus Business Media remains the only golfer with three Green Jackets.

Sponsors come and go, but without them this industry tournament could not have survived 25 years. This year’s sponsors included: Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm US, Durst US, Quality Media & Laminating, Liberty Photo, LexJet, and a new addition, CET Color.

For 2012, Pro Imaging Golf plans to swing to the south-east Coast. It will be a totally new ballgame. Next year’s sponsors are planning a one-day tabletop Pro Imaging Expo where manufacturers and distributors will be able to spend personal time with customers and prospects.

Championship Flight Winners

1st Place – Taylormade Irons & Green Jacket: Brad Scarborough, Tri-Visual; Mark Treadwell, CRIS Camera; Richard Lubiuk, Holland & Crosby; and Ben Tyndell, Allen Tyndell, Inc.

2nd Place – Taylormade Drivers: Bill Durvin , ABAR Color; Linda Root, Nettle Creek Photo Lab; Ed Perry, Merritt Graphics; and Jay Davis, Liberty Photo

3rd Place – Taylormade Woods: Tim Saur, Durst USA; Emery Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab; Darryl Osikowicz, PMI Sports Photography; and Susan Rau, Northwest Professional Color

4th Place – Taylormade Utility Clubs: Ed Monahan, Eastman Kodak; Dave Isabelle, Meteor; Alex Christopolous, ICON Digital; and Marge Miller, Vista Photo

5th Place – Taylormade Putters: Matt Hesketh, Photomation; Alex Reid, LexJet; Andy Osikowicz, PMI Sports Photography; and Bernd Tischer, Ultraflex Systems

First Flight Winners

1st Place – Taylormade Drivers: Ben Taylor, Image Movers; George Champagne, ABAR Color; Ed Harold, Quality Media & Laminating; and Eddie Lee, ABC Imaging

2nd Place – Taylormade Woods: Kevin Casey,; John Lau, ICON Digital; Allan Tyndell, Allan Tyndell, Inc.; and Karen Scott, Firehouse Imaging

3rd Place – Taylormade Utility Clubs: Marty McGhie, Ferrari Color; Art Lambert, LexJet; Sally Corman, Firehouse Imaging; and Kim Freeman, Allied Imaging Lab

4th Place – Taylormade Putters: Steven Loverro, West Coast Photo; Mike Woodshek, Photoland; Denise Loverro, West Coast Photo; and David VanderSloot, Pro Imaging Golf

5th Place – Taylormade Embroidered Golfbags: Jim Walsh, Felix Scholler; Art Lyons, Quality Media & Laminating; Scott Koehler, Tri-Color; and Ken Marks, Eastman Kodak