Bring on the Color!

In 2004, Inkworks made the leap to four-color printing, intalling a Presstek-enabled DI digital offset press that allowed it to cost-effectively produce full-color printed products, while maintaining a small environmental footprint.

“One of the key issues we needed to address," said Susan Moore, long time sales manager, “was our ability to use the New Leaf 100 percent recycled paper and vegetable-based inks that our clients had grown to expect, while at the same time delivering high quality, high-impact full color printing that would help our clients further the objectives of their organizations. Over the last six years, our DI press has done just that.”

At lease expiration, Inkworks faced a decision— to keep the existing DI press, upgrade to newer technology, or to make some other purchase decision. “It really was a non-decision for us,” Moore stated. “Our original DI press has served us very well, but we also wanted to take advantage of the enhancements Presstek has added to the product over the past several years.”

In December of 2010, Inkworks installed a brand-new Presstek 34DI digital offset press. It also added a Konica Minolta BizHub digital press for ultra-short-run color, and retained its two-color presses to address the one- and two-color printing its clients still require. “We find that the Konica Minolta and the Presstek DI work well together,” said Moore. “For example, we can produce full-color covers and strategic color inserts on our Presstek DI and the balance of the black-and- white inside content on the Konica Minolta, using its inline booklet making capability to create booklets in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible. The extremely high quality of DI printing adds significant value to the booklets and increases their impact.”

New Applications

“The new Presstek 34DI has also opened new doors for us,” Moore commented. “One of the most recent—and more exciting—applications we have introduced is labels for ice cream produced by a natural foods café. We produced sample labels and tested them in the freezer for a couple of weeks to make sure they would adhere properly under storage conditions, and they worked perfectly. Our client has beautiful labels for their product, and can be proud of the fact that they are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

Inkworks has also built a good business producing four-color business cards and postcards on the DI press. “We can gang orders from several different customers onto one sheet,” Moore said. “That allows us to keep our operating costs in line and deliver these products very competitively.”

The Presstek 34DI press has been critical in the company’s certification as a green printer by the Alameda County Air Quality Board. “The DI basically has no emissions of volatile organic compounds,” Moore explained. “This certification, plus our FSC certification, are important elements of our business model, and one of the key reasons our non-profit client base chooses to produce the bulk of their work with us.”

Looking to the future, Moore added, “We would love to have our next purchase to be a larger format DI press. As our volumes grow, we will be working toward that goal. We are very happy with Presstek, and there is no question that we will remain with the DI technology. It is a perfect match to our business model and our environmental positioning. A larger format would simply expand the range of applications we can produce.”