AT GRAPH EXPO 2011, Presstek Will Showcase Broad Portfolio, Strategic Success in Large Print Operations

At GRAPH EXPO 2011, Presstek, Inc. (Booth 3200) highlights its portfolio of DI digital offset presses, CtP systems and plates, pressroom supplies, and service offerings. A five-color Presstek 75DI digital offset press, which goes from digital file to sellable sheet in only six minutes, is spotlighted.

“Building off of last year’s successful launch of the Presstek 75DI,” says Joe Demharter, Presstek’s VP of Sales, “we are seeing growing momentum in the marketplace for this breakthrough product. We are especially pleased that organizations of the quality of Quad/Graphics and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee have chosen to add this efficient, high-quality press to their production portfolio. These orders validate our strategic initiative to serve larger commercial and in-plant printers.”

Presstek also is displaying its wide range of digital offset solutions designed to improve productivity, reduce costs and environment impact, and improve competitiveness for printing businesses of all sizes. These include the:

Presstek 52DI-AC and Presstek 34DI digital offset presses: These digital offset presses, together with the Presstek 75DI, offer printers the most profitable solution for meeting the demand for quick turnaround, high-quality color printing in runs from 500 to 20,000.

Presstek Dimension Pro: The Dimension Pro is an excellent entry-level to mid-range CtP solution, producing plates up to 45x33" at 450 lpi, with production speeds ranging from 15 to 50 plates per hour. Four- and eight-page configurations are available.

Vector FL52: This 52cm metal platemaker for smaller-format print shops features a compact footprint with an integrated plate washer and uses Presstek’s chemistry-free Freedom Pro plates.

DPM Pro 400: The DPM Pro 400 is a fully automated, high-resolution polyester plate system with an integrated plate processor. It supports plate widths up to 16.31" and is faster, more economical to use, more environmentally friendly, and more compact than comparable choices.

Aeon Thermal CtP Plate: Aeon is a positive-working, high-resolution, non-preheat thermal digital plate that offers run lengths to 200,000 without baking; an optional post-bake enables runs of up to one million. It operates in 830-nm external drum platesetters.

Aurora Chemistry-Free CtP Plates: Aurora is a true chemistry-free, daylight-safe metal plate that can be imaged on a range of thermal platesetters. Rated up to 50,000 impressions, it can be imaged at a resolution of 1% to 99% at 200 lpi. Its chemistry-free process only requires a simple water wash after imaging.

“Our open platform CtP and plate strategy is also paying big dividends as our product portfolio matures,” says Kathleen McHugh, VP of Marketing. “Our long-run Aeon plate is gaining good traction in the marketplace, and we expect that to continue. Many printers have turned to Presstek’s chemistry-free Aurora plate as a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chemistry-based plates. These plates provide an ideal digital plate alternative for printing companies of all sizes.”