Presstek 75DI Makes its Mark

Since its introduction in 2010, the Presstek 75DI digital offset press has been gaining traction in the marketplace. This breakthrough digital offset press offers high quality (300 lpi or stochastic screening); extreme automation (job-to-job turnover, including plate imaging, in six minutes); and a small environmental footprint with waterless printing technology, chemistry-free imaging, fast run-up for minimal waste, and consistent quality from job-to-job and within each job. The press is available in four- to 10-color configurations.

Presstek (Booth 3200) customers agree it is the right press for today’s print envirnoment, delivering higher quality, faster throughput, and profitable short runs.

“We are big believers in technology and are excited about the new capacity and capability the five-color Presstek 75DI with aqueous coating adds to our business,” says Elazar Wadler, Chief Information Officer for Advanced Digital Printing. “When we combine our internal laser die cutting, folding and gluing capability with the speed, quality, and versatility of DI printing, including inline aqueous coating on both our existing 52DI-AC and our new 75DI-AC presses, we are very competitive.” In addition to printing books, marketing collateral, and direct mail pieces for its customers, Advanced Digital is also producing sample and promotional packaging materials.

Wadler adds, “We also looked at conventional offset and CTP as part of our analysis. It was ‘a no brainer’ to add additional DI capability; the 75DI allows us to go from digital file to printed sheet five times faster and much more cost effectively than using a conventional offset press.” Wadler’s analysis shows that with the faster turnaround time and larger format of the 75DI-AC, his production capacity will triple.


Another satisfied


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) is another satisfied Presstek 75DI owner, also installing a 5-color model with coater. “Our on-site shop brings many advantages to the corporation including convenience, security, and lower costs,” says Robert Pettway, Manager, EDM & General Services for BlueCross. “In today’s business climate on-site shops must prove that they add value to a company and operate more cost effectively than outsourcing. The Presstek 75DI will help us reach these objectives.”

Pettway’s customers were so excited about the new capabilities the 75DI-AC will add to the in-plant operation that he had more than a million impressions worth of business lined up while the press was still being installed. Pettway believes that the press will play a key role in helping him bring in work currently being outsourced, offering increased control, higher quality, cost savings and other added value to BCBST.

Commercial printing giant Quad/Graphics has also added a five-color Presstek 75DI-AC to its production platform, having previously purchased a 52DI-AC. As one of the world’s largest printers, Quad/Graphics’ confidence in the ability of the DI platform to add value to its business demonstrates that Presstek’s strategy of expanding its product lines to better serve larger printers is viable and working, reports the company.

These are just three examples of forward-looking companies that have selected the Presstek 75DI digital offset press to ensure that they are well positioned to meet today’s changing market realities.