Prisco Aims to Solve Printers’ Environmental Issues

Prisco, or Printers’ Service, (Booth 201) is demonstrating complete solutions for printers looking to reduce their environmental impact, including innovative options for the recycling of fountain solutions and solvents and products.

Prisco is one of the leaders in providing affordable products and systems that have minimized the impact on the environment since the introduction of the first commercially successful alcohol-free fountain concentrates almost 50 years ago. Prisco innovations are designed to provide the most cost effective, productive and practical answers for print production. Its “Go Green with Prisco” initiative encompasses all of Prisco’s sustainable technologies and over 100 years of PRISCO pressroom expertise.

Reduce waste
Cost-effective FloClear systems for fountain solution recycling is the a leading process for recycling fountain solutions at quality printing plants across the globe. The patented FloClear technology, winner of the PIA/GATF Intertech Award, helps extend fountain solution life and maintain clarity for months of press operation.

Reduce water consumption

The PriscoTech WaterMizer permits recycling and reuse of plate processor wash water that used to go down the drain, reducing wastewater in CtP plate production by up to 90%. The system has the added benefits of allowing a plate processor to be installed without having to move drain lines and permits the use of “process water” to wash plates.

Reduce solvent purchase
PriscoTech SolveKlene II Solvent Recycling System allows users to drastically cut solvent consumption, reduce VOC emissions, waste hauling costs and overall operating costs. All these benefits are achieved while reducing the overall negative impact on the environment.

Lower VOC Levels
To round out its offering for sustainable production, Prisco is showing its complete range of low- and no-VOC fountain concentrates, low-VOC solvents, ultra-low VOC aqueous coatings, energy-curable coatings and PREPAC products.

Attendees canl find a solution for every pressroom need at Prisco’s Booth 201, reports the company. Information on Prisco's complete line of pressroom products are on display, including aqueous and UV coatings, adhesives, roller and blanket washes, web press fountain solutions and printing blankets.