Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Sandra Long, vice president, Printer Market and Customer Development, Pitney Bowes, answers readers’ questions about mailing. Send your questions to her at

Q: How can I make my mailing services environmentally friendly, and what benefits will that provide to my customers?

A: Eliminating the envelope is a mailpiece design strategy that may not only be environmentally friendly, but also reduce postage expenditures. Taking documents out of the envelope and redesigning them as letter-size booklets or self-mailers eliminates the material cost of the envelope as well as the labor to fold and stuff documents into the envelope. Further, since the weight of the mailpiece has been reduced due to the elimination of the envelope, it may be possible that the piece drops into a lower weight category and thus lowers the postage.

Since undeliverable as addressed mail can result in wasted material costs, labor, and postage, employing solutions to correct both the physical and recipient portion of the address makes good business sense. Using CASS-certified software to standardize the street, city, state, and ZIP, and an NCOALink solution to check for permanent change-of-addresses filed by recipients reduces the risk of UAA mail being returned to the mailer or discarded by the Postal Service. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these solutions maximize timely delivery of mailpieces.

By offering either or both of these strategies to your customer, you’re serving as a partner who is truly vested in their success.

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