Digital Color Just Got Better

Already used for book and direct mail production, ‘wide-boy’ inkjet web presses are making their way into the newspaper printing segment. A wide range of newspapers from across the world is being produced in color in London thanks to a breakthrough from Océ (Canon Booth 1213).

In June, Stroma Limited began printing color editions of international newspapers on the latest inkjet digital technology. More than 1,400 titles are now included in Stroma’s portfolio. The specialist has taken a JetStream 1000 inkjet production press, featuring a maximum web width of 20.5", as part of a £1.3 million investment at its west London headquarters. The introduction of the Océ JetStream 1000 enables longer runs of digitally produced newspapers.


Stroma pioneers digital newspaper production

Supplying digital printing services across London and the surrounding area, Stroma is one of five Océ Digital Newspaper Network sites in the world. The others are in Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Around 30 million newspaper copies have been produced globally through this network since 2001, a quarter at Stroma. It prints and distributes international newspaper titles, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Moscow Times, The Australian, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We run between 50 and 60 titles a day,” explains Steve Brown, Stroma’s Managing Director. “This is something the publishers have been wanting for a long time, and will now be realized. Color has made a huge difference from an advertising and publishing perspective. The technology lends itself to adding value to companies like Qantas Airlines, for example. We print a couple of titles for them, and they go onto the seats of business and first class. And, in effect, the passengers are reading tomorrow’s news today!

“A good example of the immediacy of this technology was when we had a call saying that one of the Arab royal families was leaving London on their private jet after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton,” Brown continues, “and they asked us for one or two titles. We printed them and they were on that plane within 20 minutes.”

Sebastian Landesberger, Executive VP of Océ Production Printing, adds: “Newspapers printed digitally in color provide a steady revenue stream and potential growth opportunity for newspaper publishers. The Océ JetStream inkjet technology is complementary to offset and opens up so many new doors for targeted, niche, personalized products, which is what the newspaper industry has been waiting for. Newspapers published pretty well anywhere in the world can be read on any continent at the touch of a digital button.”