All the Print News That’s Fit to Print (and Publish Online)

Adding commercial ac-counts, consolidating, and “right-sizing” all are great ways for newspapers to save money and produce more income—not to mention strain their production facilities and staffs to the breaking point. More than 30 vendors have GRAPH EXPO exhibits set up in or adjacent to the News Print Pavilion, and nearly every one of them can talk to you about how to take on more with less. In the workflow space, PuzzleFlow Solutions (Booth 2663) offers integrated ad pre-processing, for example.

PuzzleFlow is presenting automated and efficient solutions designed to cover all aspects of newspaper publishing. Its WebPairer, Automator, and InkSaver solutions help to automate production processes, while also ensuring that prepress systems are operating at maximum efficiency. WebPairer is automated workflow management software consisting of a native PDF processing engine that works with virtually any file format to produce CtP-ready files for in-house or remote production. PuzzleFlow Automator optimizes incoming documents, auto-corrects for prepress issues, notifies operators of any problems, auto-resizes ads and pages, and automates file imaging, delivery, archiving, and purging.

PuzzleFlow’s InkSaver program helps increase efficiencies and cut costs in the pressroom. Capable of working with existing workflows, InkSaver goes beyond cost savings in CMY ink or toner. The solution also provides a more stable gray axis, meaning better press stability, superior color representation, easier press control, and reduced make- ready time.

The News Print Pavilion is sponsored by News & Tech magazine.