McVicker & Higginbotham Make a Move to MCS Eagle

McVicker & Higginbotham of Long Island City, NY, recently purchased the new MCS Inc. (Booth 4805) Eagle UV Inkjet system with a 4.25" print head, reported as the widest print head on the market.

McVicker & Higginbotham is a marketing and fundraising service provider, offering copy, creative/design, list processing, monochrome and color personalized digital printing, inkjet addressing, match insertion, mail processing, packaging, and fulfillment. It serves a wide variety of clients in metropolitan New York.


No more thermal

One of McVicker’s core services is the personalization of plastic membership cards for its museum and arts clients. Today, it is being done via a thermal imaging process. “The Eagle will replace the thermal image process, while offering a throughput speed up to 10 times faster, all at a fraction of the cost,” claims Timothy Kennon, President of McVicker & Higginbotham.

Kennon explains: “We decided to purchase the Eagle System based on the success we have had with the MCS Array System. The Array has never had a service issue. It runs today as it did the first day. It offers great quality at a low production cost. We were looking for a system that could perform equally or better with the additional ability to image on UV coated and plastic substrates. After looking at different systems, comparing machine and production costs, and listening to the rave testimonials for the Eagle, we knew it was the best choice,” he asserts.


Industrial inkjet

The MCS Eagle UV inkjet is a 4.25" inkjet printer for the industrial market. The high-speed, high-resolution printer offers wide print widths, supports difficult substrates such as coated stocks and gift cards, and delivers true native 600-dpi quality. The 4.25" and 8.5" print heads support large print areas without stitch marks. Print heads can be combined, for a total width of up to 17".

“The Eagle UV is an excellent product for direct mail jobs in particular,” says Glenn Toole, VP of Sales & Marketing for MCS. “By feeding the pieces long-edge first, printers can increase their throughput and not sacrifice quality. For high-value pieces like membership cards and such, the UV ink’s ability to handle many substrates is a real advantage.”

Kennon adds, “The quality, speed, and production costs of the Eagle will increase our capacity, improve our profits, and enable us to confidently take on more business, regardless of the material being imaged.

“Our business is growing and surpassing the sales of our pre-recession years. The MCS Eagle will ensure that our level of service and fast turn times will continue to be met,” he says with confidence.