Boost Your Digital Workflow Profits

There are two ways to grow profits in your business: sell more jobs or find ways to keep more money from the jobs you've already sold. The Digital Workflow Experience, highlighted by EFI at Graph Expo (Booth 2000), can help your business accomplish both. The Experience demonstrates how an integrated, acquisition, management and production workflow can reduce touch-points, improve communication, eliminate waste, and speed production—all working to boost your bottom line.

The Digital Workflow Experience begins with the creation of a specification in Digital StoreFront, EFI's advanced Web-to-Print solution. Digital StoreFront gives your customers a virtual front door to your business with the ability to specify, review, submit and track orders on-line. The key to Digital StoreFront is that it is a 'smart' Web-to-Print solution, capable of automating the submission of a job, moving it into your business and into production without the delays, touches and rekeying required by almost all other submission processes. The demonstration continues with the automated building of a production job in the EFI Pace Print MIS solution. Pace creates the job file, creates a job plan, dynamically schedules and dispatches the job—with its files—to EFI Fiery XF for creation of the RIP and production on an EFI VUTEk printer... all of this with virtually no additional key strokes.

The end-to-end automated workflow demonstrates how businesses can eliminate touch-points while improving speed and accuracy. "No business will be able to process 100 percent of their jobs utilizing the automated workflow demonstrated in the Experience," commented Gerald Walsh, EFI Director of Market Development. "That's not our goal. Our goal is to provide solid, incremental improvements to the workflow—automating processes wherever possible. The Experience demonstrates how an integrated, intelligent solution can eliminate multiple touch-points on a repeatable basis, reducing costs and improving accuracy. Customers appreciate the smart workflow and reward the printer with loyalty and additional business. Owners appreciate the boost in digital workflow profits."