ARIA Resort and Casino Wins Big with Fiery for Xerox iGen4


ARIA Resort needed a powerful, user friendly, feature-rich digital press and print server that could produce high-quality materials for its grand opening and beyond.


After an extensive search, the Fiery for iGen4 was selected for being intuitive, cost-effective, fast and for being packed with high-end features. Today, it prints materials for ARIA and four other MGM Resorts International properties.


With the Fiery for iGen4, ARIA enjoys an optimal printing experience and outstanding results. It delivered in spades for the resort’s grand opening—four million printouts in two months—and continues to command rave reviews.

In the midst of construction at ARIA Resort, just months before the December 2009 grand opening of the stunning 61-story property on at CityCenter in Las Vegas, Joseph Padian and a team of three began an extensive search for a digital press.

Padian launched the search with a clearly defined list of requirements for the digital press and for a print server that could process photo quality images and complex print jobs both for the launch and beyond. The best product combination would be fast, easy to use, powerful, and offer a variety of features—all essential for the considerable number of printouts needed for the grand opening: new staff members needed an employee handbook and a job-specific training manual. Each employee needed to sign a form documenting their employment. And every job position within the property had to be documented not only for operational purposes, but as a requirement for the property to receive a five-star rating.

Additionally, there was one caveat—the digital press, as with all other materials used for and in the ARIA building, had to meet specific environmental standards so ARIA could receive certification from the US Green Building Council.

Exploring the Options

According to Padian, a document production specialist, their search left no digital press/print server combination unturned. “We looked at absolutely every digital press option on the market. If they made a digital box, we looked at it.”

At the time, the team heard that the EX Print Server, powered by Fiery for the Xerox iGen4 (Fiery for iGen4), was being developed and an early look at specifications was promising: It offered a long list of high-end features and capabilities; it was fast and could handle complex jobs; it met environmental standards, and it fit ARIA’s space requirements.

Other products being considered didn’t fare as well. Some didn’t meet the environmental standards or space requirements; others lacked important features or had a complex user interface.

A Winning Combination

In September, the Fiery for iGen4 began shipping, and ARIA placed an order soon after. Padian had worked with a variety of Xerox presses and Fiery print servers throughout the years, so he was confident they had made the right choice. He has been impressed with the quality that is achieved through the Fiery server and Xerox iGen4, leading to a combination that is unmatched when compared to other products.

In addition to being feature-rich, fast, and powerful, the Fiery for iGen4 was chosen because it offers:

  • Automated tools and the capacity to handle different substrates, such as 14 X 20 media size
  • An intuitive interface and high quality images
  • Both monochrome and color capabilities
  • Built-in features, such as an In Line Spectrophotometer, that connects directly to the Fiery server

The fact that the digital press met the environmental standards was also significant. In September 2009, ARIA became the largest hotel in the world to be awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.

While the digital press was being prepped for deployment, Padian received two weeks of iGen4 training at the Xerox training center and two weeks of Fiery print server training on site at ARIA.

During implementation, one of the first for the Fiery for iGen4, technicians from Xerox and EFI stayed at the resort to work with Padian. He said other than the mess of the construction, the deployment process was smooth. “I was able to learn a lot from the technicians. Everything seemed to work just right. It was pretty painless.”

Rising to the Challenge

Things were moving along right on target. The grand opening was two months away and the Fiery for iGen4 was ready for business.

And then plans changed significantly: The printing of all inserts for the 4004 guest rooms—such as dining menus, show brochures and TV instructions, initially slated to be sub-contracted, was added to Padian’s plate for the grand opening.

For two months, Padian and two other Office Services team members kept the digital press running 24/7. In addition to printing all of the employee and regulation forms, handbooks, manuals and gambling table guides, the digital press printed each room insert in batches of 8,000—10,000.

“It was a daunting task,” said Padian. “We used other properties as a guideline, but everything was unique to this building. We had our graphic arts department generating art work as fast as they could and we were printing it as fast as we were getting it.”

Success in Spades

The results, however, were extraordinary—the digital press produced approximately four million printouts during the two month period. All of the guest room inserts, critical employee forms and gaming regulation forms were printed in time to meet grand opening deadlines.

A Fully Loaded Fiery Experience

Today, the digital press produces more than 800,000 printouts each month for ARIA and four other properties at CityCenter: the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Vdara, Crystals retail, and Veer Towers. During regular weekday shifts, Padian and team use Fiery advanced applications such as the:

  • Fiery Graphic Arts Package that gives users professional tools for prepress, proofing and output color control.
  • Fiery SeeQuence Suite that provides intuitive and visual document imposition and composition tools.
  • Fiery Color Profiler Suite that delivers integrated device profiling and color verification tools.

“We get the fully loaded Fiery experience,” said Padian. “We pretty much use every Fiery feature out there every day.”

One main benefit of the Fiery for iGen4, according to Padian, is that many iGen4 features link directly with the Fiery print server, saving time, simplifying the printing process and improving efficiency. He says the built-in spectrophotometer that connects to the Fiery server for calibration, profiling and more “makes a world of difference and makes our color management dead on simple.”

Powering Up for Future Printing

Down the road, the Office Services team may find themselves more in demand than ever.

“At the pre-opening, we were going to have more than one digital press. The Fiery for iGen4 was installed first and we never needed a second one. This was a major savings,” said Padian.

Padian attributed their printing achievements to the power of the iGen4 and the Fiery EX Print Server’s ease of use. “The iGen4 handles anything we throw at it. Fiery technology has always been unbelievably easy to use. I’ve always liked the Fiery interface and it has only gotten better.”