Morgana to Exhibit Latest Pro Range at GRAPH EXPO

Morgana Systems Ltd (Booth 3439) is showing the latest additions to its Pro range of postpress equipment at GRAPH EXPO 2011.

“Following a significant period of interest in our products in the U.S., we are hugely excited about the prospects offered by GRAPH EXPO this year,” says Quen Baum, Managing Director of Morgana Systems. “Our U.K.-manufactured products have provided the ideal postpress solution for many small to medium U.S. print businesses in recent years, and we hope to excite American digital printers further with the widest range of products that we have ever exhibited at a GRAPH EXPO.”

Best known for its folding and creasing products, the company’s exhibit will focus on its AutoCreaser Pro 33 and Pro 50, AutoFold Pro, DigiFold Pro, and major folding devices. Products making their U.S. debut include the DocuFold Pro folding unit and the DocuMaster Pro and DocuMaster MFC booklet making products. The final version of the CardXtra Plus will also be seen for the first time in its finished form.

“The Pro range of Morgana products has been expanded during the course of this year, and so it will be a great pleasure to introduce these new U.K.-built devices to the American printing public. Our latest booklet making products—the DocuMaster Pro and the DocuMaster MFC devices—incorporate a number of market leading features, while the CardXtra Plus is a ‘must have’ small-format finishing device for every business-focused print shop in the country,” adds Baum. “CardXtra Plus is simply the fastest way to turn a stack of printed paper into finished business cards, postcards, playing cards, menus, and a host of other real-life jobs.”

The Pro products on display at the booth incorporate Morgana’s SmartScreen technology—a touch-screen panel that controls the set-up and on-the-run performance of the job.

“Our SmartScreen technology—devised and created in our own factory—makes every machine very easy to learn and very simple to operate,” confirms Baum.