Beiler Printing Installs iTech AXXIS Digital Label System

Beiler Printing, Denver, PA, installed the Allen Datagraph (Booth 4442) iTech AXXIS Digital Label System (the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Printer and Digital Label Finisher) in May 2010, bringing complete label production in-house as deadlines grew tighter and runs smaller. The small, family owned and operated printer also houses three 12x18" sheetfed presses—a black-and-white digital, a four-color digital, and a two-color conventional. Along with general commercial work, Beiler Printing offers wedding invitations, holiday greeting cards, screen printed apparel and promotional products, and advertising specialties.

Beiler produces labels for the local agricultural businesses that populate the area—many of the food products are packaged locally and sent directly to stores. Before installing the iTech AXXIS Digital Label System, Beiler farmed out its labeling work. It chose the Allen Datagraph solution over laser-based systems because its use of the Epson inkjet printer offered greater substrate flexibility.

Because it isn’t heat-based, it can run polypropylenes, vinyls, and polyesters without concerns about melting the substrate. Beiler uses the system for all of its four-color printing and finishing of custom labels, printing on a variety of substrates in run lengths averaging between 250 and 1,000.

Producing labels in-house, says Bryon Beiler, Owner, has given his company “control over our destiny, as far as turnaround. We’ve been able to get more work because the iTech AXXIS Digital Label System enables us to meet deadlines and provide a lower cost to our customers, as our consumables costs are very reasonable. We can turn work out in less than a day if we have to. Now that we’re doing the labels in-house, our profit margin is also much better—we doubled it.”

The iTech AXXIS Digital Label System is based on the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Printer, utilizing an Epson D-500BN printer to produce roll-fed, high-resolution graphics on substrates 4x8.5" wide at up to five feet per minute, and the iTech AXXIS Digital Label Finisher, which laminates, digitally die-cuts any shaped designed as a vector file in Adobe Illustrator, and strips, slits, and rewinds labels at up to 10 feet per minute.

With the iTech AXXIS Digital Label System, Beiler Printing can produce four-color custom labels with special shapes without the need for costly dies and tooling. Using the same vector-based data that is typically used to create dies, the system gives Beiler the ability to create any die shape on the fly.

“The finishing system is one of the best features,” says Bryon Beiler. “It lets us cut any shape or size label for our customers. It keeps customers coming back—there aren’t a lot of shops that have this capability.”

Adds Beiler, “Because of the iTech AXXIS Digital Label System, our in-house design department can design labels for customers in any shape they want.

“We can be a little more creative, even do something they weren’t thinking of—and then you have a customer for life,” he stresses.