Printers Switch to KBA Rapida 106 For Its Differentiating Technology

Since its introduction at Drupa 2008, the KBA Rapida 106 41-inch sheetfed press continues to be one of the firm’s most popular press models. Today, with continual innovations, the press is aimed at boosting its performance, flexibility and cost efficiency including the prestigious 2011 Printing Industries InterTech Award for its Flying JobChange technology. Many printing industry titans—some that wish to remain unnamed—are not only purchasing one press but several after experiencing the Rapida 106’s new level of productivity.

When Lithocraft Company, an Anaheim, CA high-quality commercial sheetfed printer, decided to expand into new markets, its installation in May 2011 of a new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch eight-color UV press was a key decision. 

“2011 is a year of change for Lithocraft,” said Robert Navarro, vice president of operations at Lithocraft. “The addition of the Rapida 106 with UV is the spring board for this transformation. The new press allows us to better service our existing customers and it provides new capabilities thus allowing us to move into the high-end quality packaging market. We are living up to our customers’ expectations, which are: being responsive, reliable, proactive, adaptable, and providing consistent value.”

Since being launched at Drupa 2008, KBA’s high-tech Rapida 106 continues to be the world champion in makeready and the most productive press in its class. Printers, like Lithocraft, are finding the Rapida 106 to be an important component for success and growth.

Pointsmith, an at-store point-of-purchase marketing management company based in Katy, TX (Greater Houston), increased its capacity with a new Rapida 106 41-inch six-color press with full UV capabilities after the installation in August 2011.

“Pointsmith is a solutions provider that manages the entire at-store promotional marketing process for large scale retail clients,” said Jared Bryant, Pointsmith’s Chief Operations Officer. “Data management and flexibility are key to our customers throughout North America. More and more retailers want to customize which signs are sent to each store so that they can advertise national campaigns as well as be flexible enough to allow stores to advertise locally and/or support the local community. Additionally, customers want to have access to the best options for production. We have made it a priority to be able to offer everything our customers will need under one roof. Our new KBA Rapida 106 is a major acquisition for our company to continue that priority.”

This past spring, Netpak Packaging Inc., a leading Canadian packaging and commercial printer, enhanced its speed, turnaround, and quality control with a new KBA Rapida 106 41-inch six-color sheetfed press.

“Netpak’s deliberate intention is to serve both packaging and commercial customers that require small- to medium-size run lengths with the capacity to do larger runs,” said Daniel Filion, marketing director for Netpak. “We pride ourselves on offering a very short lead time and delivering a high-quality product. Most packaging printers require eight to 14 weeks of lead time but because we offer the latest technology and automation, we offer a much shorter turnaround time. All of our equipment is only five to six years old thus enabling us to reduce our makeready, minimize our waste, and produce high-quality work.”

“All of our customers, but especially the food and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market, require very tight quality control,” explains Filion. “We were seeking a new press to respond to that requirement as well as to print on a thicker stock, such as flute and F-flute. And our company believes that environmental problems and issues are, first and foremost, matters of social responsibility. As printers, we counsel our clients on how to print responsibly using eco-friendly packaging and commercial printing solutions, from design and engineering to finishing, thus leaving behind the minimum carbon trace.”