GPA Helps Lorenz Printing Make Music

Pete Deutscher is president at Lorenz Printing, a music publisher in Dayton, OH, that has been in business since 1890. They were running a four-color project on their HP Indigo 5500 press that needed to be folded and saddle-stitched to create a book, when they noticed ink adhesion issues with the untreated board stock they were using from a different supplier. The image was cracking on the fold and the ink was flaking off.

They tried counteracting the issue by running the job with two null cycles, but it was taking 50 percent longer to print each job and they were starting to get a lot of spoilage in bindery. The resulting product didn’t meet their quality standards, and they knew they had to stop the problem before it affected their customer.

Deutscher contacted Mary Ann Geers, his sales representative at GPA, and explained the issues he encountered with the other supplier’s stock. Geers recommended Ultra Digital Coated 9.3-point C1S Board stock, and they immediately noticed a difference. “The ink was on there like concrete,” Deutscher notes. 

GPA’s coated stock was performing as they had hoped: the ink cracking had been eliminated, and they were able to increase throughput by 50 percent. “We don’t have to question how the product is going to perform or if the ink is going to adhere. There are no surprises in bindery, which makes the schedule smoother. We just know it’s going to work,” Deutscher says.

This experience has reinforced Deutscher’s decision to make quality paper a necessary investment. “Buying treated paper costs more than untreated paper, but it’s no bargain to buy cheap paper. I saved money and increased throughput by buying treated paper. You can pinch a penny and spend a dollar, but at the end of the project you have to ask yourself, ‘How many quality, sellable sheets did I produce?’ I increased my margins on a shift-by-shift basis by spending a little more on the paper,” he says.

This experience has strengthened Deutscher and Lorenz’s relationship with GPA, and now he knows they can expect the guaranteed performance they need to help their operation remain lean. "We get consistent, predictable results that make the variables go away, and we can go on with our business. GPA saved us from lowering our standards and helped ensure that we continue to produce only the highest quality work for our customers,” says Deutscher. “If GPA hadn’t proposed a solution, we would have had to search the countryside to find a paper and method that would allow us to produce the products we do,” he adds.

Through this experience, Deutscher has come to appreciate having a partner who offers creative solutions and guaranteed results. “It’s like having an extension of my company. Having that level of expertise at my fingertips—it’s truly a resource that’s a part of my business—at no extra charge,” he says.

Deutscher is very pleased with the level of service and experience of GPA’s representatives. "They’re knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Most of other company’s reps often tell me, ‘I don’t know, but I can find out.’ Mary Ann knows. It streamlines solutions. It’s having somebody who brings solutions to the party right now," Deutscher says.

Deutscher would now happily recommend GPA to a colleague. “It’s a joy working with everyone there. GPA feels more like a partner than a supplier. Anybody who owns an Indigo press needs to have a relationship with GPA.”