Crossover Trimmer Meets New Market Demand for Printers Integrating Digital Books into Their Traditional Offset Binding

Printers utilizing the same bookbinding line for offset and digital manufacturing are hard pressed to find a seamless trimming solution which can integrate either process. At GRAPH EXPO, visitors to Muller Martini’s Booth (845) will have the opportunity to experience such a trimmer up close. The Orbit Three Knife Trimmer enables a transition between printing methods without sacrificing time or quality. Product specialists will demonstrate how the Orbit’s settings can be optimized on the fly, making it possible to achieve high net output within the shortest possible time.

Currently, many book manufacturers are outsourcing their digital work to local binderies in order to avoid costly changeover delays. This strategy is problematic since they are probably paying more, plus the quality may not be up to standard.

The Orbit’s crossover flexibility allows it to handle the widest size range available—big, small, thick, or thin products, produced offset or digitally—without the need for special kits. Changing over from an offset to digital job can be completed within three minutes.

The Orbit’s advanced automation platform uses Muller Martini’s Book Data Center, which allows a wrenchless makeready and improves performance by separating the drive line. This automation encourages a more hands-free workflow, resulting in quicker turnarounds and greater throughput.

The Orbit’s high speed can trim up to 80mm at 7,200 cph. Its servo-driven technology provides for a controlled pressing process in which air between the paper fully escapes from the product. This results in the optimal precondition for a perfect trim and prevents costly line stoppages.

Today’s printers and binders must embrace technology that will allow them to manufacturer books using multiple printing processes—while delivering the quality and fast turnaround time their clients demand. Crossover book manufacturers require offset and digital solutions that are seamless. Muller Martini’s Orbit Three Knife Trimmer delivers a highly efficient, single solution that not only improves traditional offset trimming, but provides a clear competitive advantage in the digital line.