Marketing with Print and More

When many printers think of marketing, they think about direct mail, printed advertisements, promotional materials, banners, posters, and a host of other printed products. As visitors to the first-ever Marketing Pavilion at GRAPH EXPO 2011 soon realize, while printing is and always will be a viable part of any marketing campaign, it seldom works alone in today’s multimedia universe.

Today, marketing often entails the use of digital media, social media, the Internet, email, telemarketing, and other media in conjunction with print. A printed piece can drive traffic to a website, and a website can drive attention to a printed piece. A printed QR code on a business card, print ad, billboard, or poster can take someone to a personalized URL, a product demonstration, a real estate video tour, or a contest entry page.

The Chicago Chapter of the American Marketing Association, sponsor of the GRAPH EXPO Marketing Pavilion, annually honors such successful multimedia marketing efforts. In 2011, it singled out six campaigns—each of which had elements of print along with a wide variety of other marketing media.

One such campaign, which was used to generate qualified leads for the client, used a combination of electronic communications, direct mail, targeted advertising, telephone follow-up, and a trade show presence. Print advertisements at a tradeshow used QR codes to drive people to register for a prize and gain access to an e-book.

Another multimedia marketing effort was designed to develop the brand position of a major retail drug store chain in a highly competitive market. Not only did the campaign rely on TV and radio spots, but it also used printed point-of-sale (POS) graphics and print collateral along with printed circulars and informational pamphlets. In addition, it used online resources such as YouTube and Yahoo Health and targeted data-driven messages, which included weekly promotional emails.

As you can see, marketing today includes print and so much more.