W+D's Inkjet Envelope Overprint Press and Envelope Inserter Debuts at GRAPH EXPO

Highlighting the W+D North America (Booth 4017) exhibit at GRAPH EXPO is the North American introduction of W+D’s new ConceptD high-speed inkjet envelope overprint press and high-performance, servo-driven BB700 envelope inserter, which can be seen in operation.

W+D’s show theme: “Keeping envelopes competitive in a digital world,” reflects the firm’s nearly 100-year commitment to the envelope and strategy of unlocking new productivity addressing the entire value chain, converting-printing-inserting, with high productivity technology and system solutions.

“The ConceptD is the first high-performance, industrial-grade digital inkjet overprint press specifically optimized for the expanding personalized direct mail segment,” says Andrew Schipke, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, W+D North America. ConceptD uses a piezo, drop-on-demand inkjet print engine that prints continuous, seamless, high-quality four-color images, virtually full face on a #10 envelope at speeds up to 500 envelopes per minute or 30,000 variably imaged envelopes per hour. ConceptD’s advanced feeder and handling technology handles a multitude of envelope sizes and paper substrate grades.

Shown for the first time at GRAPH EXPO, W+D is demonstrating a fully intelligent BB700 envelope inserting system with an integrated front end print line, which provides the ability to process both inline print-on-demand and read-and-print applications. The BB700 also features a “pick-n-place” feeder, which can attach a personalized credit card to an address carrier using hot melt, and the BB700 verifies each credit card and address carrier are matched using data received from a 10-camera vision system.

The output of this fully intelligent system features W+D’s new OC4 on-edge conveyor system, which can be quickly changed and stack on-edge most product sizes including #10, 6x9", 9x12", and even 10x13" envelopes. This system also features W+D’s high-performance rotary feeders and the BB700’s file-based processing and reporting package.

The BB700 line of envelope inserting solutions can be configured to run a wide-range of coated stock, booklets, and large-format products up to 10x13" as well as standard #10 envelopes at speeds up to 16,000 eph.

The BB700 will run accumulated package thicknesses to .125" with rotary feeders and 0.6" with shuttle feeders, and the BB700 can be configured with up to 18 rotary and/or shuttle feeders. It is available in flexible left- and right-hand configurations to meet your production requirements.

W+D also presents its expanding lineup of cost-effective envelope folding solutions for commercial printers, direct mailers, and service bureaus that need to in-source envelope production to meet the growing demand for short-run, fast turnaround, personalized print-on-demand direct mail segment.

These small footprint solutions can make envelopes from printed rectangular sheet stock without pre-cutting and convert web offset or digital pre-printed rolls using inexpensive, fast-changeover flexible diecutting technology. The machine’s output ranges from 21,000 envelopes per hour to 72,000 envelopes per hour, and configurations are scalable to meet production and budget requirements.