Mitsubishi Imaging to Present Total Solutions for the Next Generation of Print

At GRAPH EXPO, Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc. (Booth 841) is showing commercial printers of all sizes a variety of affordable solutions for both inkjet and computer-to-plate technologies. From innovative and environmentally friendly CtP systems to world-class specialty inkjet media for proofing and printing, Mitsubishi Imaging is committed to providing the next generation of printers the right solutions to help them grow their business.


Diamond Jet Metallic inkjet media available

Mitsubishi Imaging recently added metallic inkjet photo media to the Diamond Jet portfolio, and is running live demos at the show. With a unique metallic gloss surface finish that is similar to silver halide metallic photo papers, Diamond Jet Metallic inkjet media offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant color reproduction with a high-gloss metallic finish.


DP Series Specialty Media for HP Indigo digital offset presses

Mitsubishi Imaging also presents exciting new products for inkjet presses, such as the new DP Series Specialty Media for HP Indigo Digital Offset Presses. Designated as an HP Certified Substrate, Mitsubishi Imaging’s DP Series Specialty Media is ideal for the production of a wide range of high-quality printed materials, including professional photo books, wedding albums, fine art prints, greeting cards, posters, and brochures.


Specialty Paper for high-speed, continuous-feed color inkjet printing

With a history of over 25 years in the photographic and graphic arts industries and 100 years in the paper business, MPM's parent, Mitsubishi Paper Mills, is a recognized leader in high-performance papers. At GRAPH EXPO 2011, the company features Mitsubishi high-quality, specialty media for printing on high-speed, continuous-feed, color inkjet presses. This inkjet media is designed to achieve true color reproduction, fast drying time, and superior line sharpness for a variety of applications, such as variable data, financial, books, brochures, print-on-demand, direct mail, and more.


New applications for Diamond Jet Inkjet film

Concerned about the rising costs of traditional graphic arts film? Then you will want to see Mitsubishi Imaging's new application for a trusted product. Attendees can see demos of how to use Diamond Jet Inkjet film media to replace traditional graphic arts film. By driving a high-quality, wide-format inkjet proofer/printer from a film RIP and using Mitsubishi Diamond Jet Inkjet film media, customers can output high-density clear film in a more cost effective way. Using Diamond Jet Inkjet film to replace traditional graphic arts films gives Mitsubishi Imaging customers a cost-effective replacement for silver halide film, while eliminating the compliance issues and costs of film processing chemistry.


Eco-friendly Thermal DigiPlate processless CtP

Mitsubishi Imaging wants to show two-up printers that ‘going green’ in CtP can be affordable and productive. Prominently featured this week are the processless and chemistry-free Thermal DigiPlate CtP system, capable of running 1200-dpi plates at 75 per hour with no chemicals, no toner, and no ink ribbons. Real savings on chemistry disposal, plate costs, maintenance, labor, and time from using the Thermal DigiPlate System give small- to medium-sized printers the competitive edge to gain more jobs and increase their profitability.


New technologies preview

Mitsubishi Imaging also is previewing its chemistry-free, violet-sensitive DigiPlate CtP System, comprised of the chemistry-free PDP-VL DigiPlate and PDP violet CtP platesetter.

The under-development, violet sensitive PDP-VL plate uses a polymer cross-linking technology that requires no chemical processing to create the image area. This future product is designed for high-resolution printing with run lengths of up to 20,000 impressions and will produce output with the offset quality and affordability of Mitsubishi Imaging’s premium Silver DigiPlate. Plus, the unique chemistry-free plate requires only water for rinsing, with no pre-heating and no gumming needed.