PCI Group Increases Production Output While Reducing Operational Costs

PCI Group Inc is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1970. The company provides comprehensive rapid outbound direct mail services to the collection and debt buying industry. A hallmark of its service is the company’s effective use of leading edge technologies, from the Intelligent Mail barcode to its proprietary processes. These technological advancements deliver improved business processes; assure the highest standards of quality, data integrity and security; afford optimum economies and provide customers with real time information through all stages of their mail’s production and handling at PCI.

The Customer Challenge

PCI Group bases its success on timely, accurate mailings that are creatively designed and impeccably produced. As one of the nation’s leading providers of rapid outbound direct mail services for collection agencies and debt buyers, the company needed to resolve a number of inefficiencies and imperfections when it came to processing millions of pieces of mail monthly.

In addition, to streamlining and automating their overall print operations—an important demand in a variable data environment—PCI Group needed to create a printing environment that would guarantee its clients absolute data security. While increasing productivity and improving print quality is important, data security is one of the most important requirements.

The Solution

PCI Group chose Ricoh Production Print Solutions (RPPS) to implement new technologies and solutions to improve their print and mail operations. Based on a previously existing relationship with IKON and Ricoh in North Carolina, the team started conversations with PCI Group, analyzed their requirements, and determined that the InfoPrint 4100 Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) printers would not only meet requirements, but would greatly increase efficiency while improving print quality. By implementing multiple InfoPrint 4100 AFP, PCI Group would streamline their variable data, production print environment by creating and managing personalized content, integrating with existing systems, securing data control and integrity and managing end-to-end workflow.

The InfoPrint 4100 also provided one of the highest levels of image and text quality currently available at this speed in continuous forms printing. Deploying the InfoPrint 4100 provided PCI Group with the latest in printhead, developer and fusing mechanism technologies, along with an integrated optical density feedback system for sharp, clear images and text, job after job. The output from an InfoPrint 4100 often exceeds the print quality of most legacy cut-sheet solutions. It is also designed to enhance operational productivity and control with the ability to log on and manage print jobs from the print room, as well as authorize operator tasks—the perfect solution for a company such as PCI Group, which maintains the highest standards for data security.

The Results

The newly implemented technology and solutions from Ricoh not only provide PCI Group with the print and mail environment they require, but also provide its customers with the quality they require at a speed that makes the entire print environment productive and efficient. The solution allows them to improve their more than 41 years of experience in the area of collection letters and invoices, while providing customers with accurate and timely information.

The benefits of the solution also include greater speed, quality and the ability to change the speed of a printer or the stock of paper on which it is printing on the fly. These improvements enable PCI Group to efficiently and effectively serve new and existing customers. By cementing the efficiency of the InfoPrint 4100 and the control of an ADF solution, Ricoh provided PCI Group with the total solution.