3C Packaging Reaps Reward for Helping Client

When a pharmaceutical client of 3C Packaging, planning a new product launch, wanted to fit all of the FDA-required information on a single outsert rather than using piggy-back outserts, Vijuk Equipment (Booth 3627) came to the rescue.

Explains Joe Elphick, President and CEO of 3C Packaging, Inc, “Vijuk Equipment, Inc. was marketing its new MV-11 Outsert Systems. By adding new units to our double knife-unit outsert system, we would have the capability to provide what our client desired. Time was tight before the launch, but we inquired, and Joe Vijuk made it happen.”

3C Packaging purchased an additional knife unit, three pressing units—one for each of the knife units—and the newly designed vertical-stack delivery to upgrade its system into a Vijuk MV-11 Triple Knife Outsert System. “It was amazing,” says Elphick. “Once the units were installed, we set it up, pushed the button, and it folded outserts the way Vijuk said it would—with 210 panels and very compact in size. Our client was very pleased. The product presentation looked better with a single outsert, and there were savings in cost.”

Prior to the purchase, 3C only had the capability to fold up to 150 panels.


Going above and beyond

Responding quickly to customers’ needs is in accord with 3C Packaging’s commitment to provide excellent customer service and high-quality packaging. “It’s not about merely satisfying our customers, it’s about going above and beyond,” says Elphick. “That’s what fuels the growth of our 32-year-old company.”

3C Packaging is a full-service designer and producer of folding cartons, unit-dose packaging, and product literature such as inserts and outserts, handling short and long runs. It employs 120 workers and operates three-shift days in its 115,000-sq.ft. service and manufacturing facility in Clayton, NC, as well as maintaining a customer support office in Springfield, PA.

Originally a manufacturer of folding cartons, 3C expanded into producing printed literature about five years ago, experiencing much of its growth in that area. It produces both inserts and outserts for various industries, predominantly the pharmaceutical industry. “Of our CGMPs-compliant environment,” Elphick says, “pharma customers like our well-documented manufacturing process and stringent controls. It’s part of our good service.”


Drawing new work

Randy Sutton, Operation Manager, says, “Now that we have the MV-11 system, many of our pharmaceutical clients are specifying larger outserts with 210 panels. About 25% of the work produced on our MV-11 is 210-panel outserts. Finished sizes have been primarily 2.25x1.5" and 1.25x1.25".”

The setup of the MV-11 system is similar to that of 3C Packaging’s previous system, but some positive operational improvements were made, adds Sutton. “The compression sections are definitely more robust, and the newly designed vertical stacker is a big plus,” he says. “Nice flat, compact outserts are delivered on a very consistent basis.”

3C Packaging’s customers are pleased with the favorable differences in size and quality of finished outserts, in comparison with those produced on the previous system. “In fact, a new client requested our services because his company is having production problems with outserts from its current provider,” says Sutton. “They have a slight curl, while the outserts folded on our MV-11 are very flat and compact. We see some positive things to come with this new system.”