Ricoh Unveils New Ink Management Tools for InfoPrint 5000

Earlier this year, Ricoh (booth #2600) unveiled enhancements that further improve productivity for companies using the InfoPrint 5000 inkjet system for a variety of color and monochrome applications. With InfoPrint Ink Suite, the company is taking the next step to integrate existing stand-alone ink management tools into its InfoPrint ProcessDirector workflow solution in addition to adding complementary new functions. Integrating these already proven tools and functions with InfoPrint ProcessDirector enables more automated job preparation and management, increasing efficiency.

Customers can choose to implement any of the following Ink Suite tools that are initially being integrated with InfoPrint ProcessDirector:

  • Enfocus PitStop Connect: Automates the preparation of PDF files for print, increasing accuracy and repeatability by eliminating manual steps.
  • Ink Savvy: Optimizes InfoPrint 5000 color files to enhance output quality and reduce ink usage, while maintaining the overall look and feel of the document.
  • Ink Estimation: Enables ink job cost estimates to be quickly generated for PDF or AFP files, customized, based on the InfoPrint 5000 settings
  • Preview Print: Allows customers to print sample pages of a job on the InfoPrint 5000 with key print setting information on a banner page for review before printing the entire job and for tracking purposes.

In addition, to provide flexibility to customers with different workflows, the existing versions of Enfocus PitStop Connect, Ink Estimation, and Ink Savvy will be offered as stand-alone tools as well as the InfoPrint 5000 Ink Monitor feature, which tracks actual ink consumption during print.

With this announcement, customers can now achieve even more process automation by using the InfoPrint ProcessDirector integrated Ink Suite tools to streamline their operations. For example, a single automated workflow can be created that will identify multiple color quality options for a job, estimate the price for each color option, create custom banner pages documenting the color options and ink costs, print a subset of the job multiple times with different settings applied, choose and approve the appropriate color option and then print in high speed production mode.

The benefits to customers using Ink Suite of tools include:

  • Automation to reduce labor and process step costs: With the integration of the tools with InfoPrint ProcessDirector, customers can reduce the risk of errors and delays
  • Achieving optimum document appearance with minimal ink consumption: These ink tools can improve the overall document appearance, while reducing ink cost
  • Optimization of cost estimates for improved ROI: This empowers customers to make faster and easier decisions to improve business results.

“Printers today need more options to manage processes and costs—plain and simple. The new InfoPrint ProcessDirector features in Ink Suite provide that to printers, along with the added bonus of increased flexibility and productivity,” said Gary Borgese, director, Software Product Management, Ricoh Production Print Solutions (RPPS)*. “Based on our customers’ needs, we’ve developed this integration of InfoPrint 5000 ink tools with InfoPrint ProcessDirector with their business requirements in mind. This offering is a natural choice for anyone running the InfoPrint 5000.”

InfoPrint ProcessDirector is the industry’s leading workflow automation and print management software that manages end-to-end output processes from a single point of control. Customers across an array of industries such as healthcare, utilities, outsourcing and many more have selected this solution to support their workflow and output demands.

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*Ricoh Production Print Solutions (RPPS) is a strategic business unit within the Ricoh Family Group of Companies which includes InfoPrint Solutions Company and other Ricoh production print organizations.