Hybrid Print Solutions Drive Results

Considering that consumers are such a tough bunch to influence, marketers are happy to know there are ways to improve their chances. For example, studies have shown that variable data and personalization help catch the attention of consumers and generate improved response rates over traditional, static printing for direct mail, catalogs, and other printed materials. In fact, a recent article in Target Marketing magazine noted, “Personalized mail pieces take care of job No. 1: get attention. Even better, by using content that’s relevant and unique to each prospect, that attention has a much better chance to turn into action than with the traditional direct mail piece.” The only efficient way to achieve that level of personalization is with today’s digital inkjet solutions. Kodak (Booth 2018) has a number of scalable options that are designed to grow as the needs of the customer change.

Many printers in the current environment want to expand their businesses by investing in digital capabilities, but have to balance that need with the pressure to maximize their existing offset investments and infrastructure. One option that makes perfect sense is the addition of monochrome or full-color digital imprinting systems to offset printing or finishing lines to add personalized text or full-color images at full speed. By employing a hybrid print solution, printers are able to leverage the unique printing capabilities of offset—including metallics, heavy color saturation, scratch-off coatings, and other specialty inks—to create a high-value product that can be customized with process color imaging inline at offset production speeds.

Enhancing an offset press with an inkjet imprinting solution such as the KODAK PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems enables printers to adopt digital at their own pace and begin to offer all the advantages of high-volume digital to their own client base. They are able to seamlessly create high-quality, full-color targeted direct mail or catalogs, or start the journey with monochrome versioning or custom addressing. No matter what the end goal, inkjet imprinting brings production efficiencies that unlock new marketing opportunities and paves the way for the adoption of more inkjet solutions as the business grows.