Crawford Technologies Showcases Why Software Is Important at GRAPH EXPO

Crawford Technologies (Booth 258) is bringing the software conversation to the forefront of GRAPH EXPO. A software and services provider of 15+ years to the High Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) market (otherwise known as transactional document printing), CrawfordTech seeks to reach attendees in need of print-stream transforms, document re-engineering/enhancement and production workflow management.

It has been said that GRAPH EXPO is a big hardware show, but with that hardware comes a number of complexities that drive the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions. Some attendees may be looking to add transactional printing to their arsenal, but buying the hardware is just one step; getting that hardware to work seamlessly with the print files your customers send you can be another challenge. On top of that, you need to strengthen your value proposition with added capabilities and benefits you offer to your customers.

Working with the hardware provider to solve these issues isn't always the best solution. Sometimes you'll be faced with a long lead-time and a big services bill, and on other occasions the hardware vendor may not understand your existing software or workflow.

In contrast, CrawfordTech's full line of software, services and solutions take the guess work out of hardware and workflow implementation and let you compete for business you might not have been able to in the past.

This year in booth #258 the company is displaying the latest version of PRO Production Manager, a product launched at GRAPH EXPO 2010 and an Xplor International '2011 Innovator of the Year Award' recipient. Be sure to come by our booth so you can find out the latest feature enhancements that will give your production facility full end-to-end workflow management and reporting.

In addition, CrawfordTech prides itself on PRO Production Manager working within any transactional or POD document production environment including full proof-of-process reporting. Even more important to GRAPH EXPO attendees is the cost of entry; Crawford brings these capabilities to the table for much less than the traditional seven-figures investments the industry has come to expect.

Management isn't the only showcase in our booth this year; we will also have experts on hand to discuss document re-engineering and enhancement via PRO Document Enhancer Plus. Why is this of value to you? Let CrawfordTech show you the increased return on investment you can see from being able to leverage document re-engineering to add value and re-purpose your customers' print files for their benefit and your bottom line.

Quickly and efficiently cut your costs and raise your ROI by being able to rapidly meet your changing production, marketing and legal needs. Pro Document Enhancer Plus let's you reach this goal by optimizing print output and automating mail processes. For example, you can use the solution to leverage existing white space for Transpromo purposes (adding relevant targeted 1:1 transactional marketing advertisements to statements, bills and invoices).

While at booth #258, check out our print transform products. One of the most common problems our customers run into with digital printing is print-stream file conversions (AFP to PDF, etc...). CrawfordTech offers a full line of transforms that can run in almost any production environment.

In fact, a recent customer had over 14 different legacy print-streams coming into their production facility. As published in our HOV Services Case Study, CrawfordTech was able to provide the technology that became central to creating operational efficiencies, allowing HOV Services to meet their customer's requirements and compete for new business they wouldn't have bid on in the past.

At this year's GRAPH EXPO, come to explore new hardware, but stay for the software that can take you from a capital expenditure to a Return On Investment.