On the Show Floor: Print-to-Mobile

Today, (Tuesday, September 13) from 4:00 - 4:30 pm in the GRAPH EXPO Theater (Booth 3457), Print Brokerage/Buyers Association International (Booth 3763), the global trade group for printing intermediaries, brokers, manufacturers’ reps, and group outsourcers/buying services, will hold a presentation vital to the future of the graphic communications industry.

Dr. Gregory Scott, of iZigg.com, will speak on the interactive pull and push of mobile messaging, and how it is used for mobile marketing, allowing businesses to connect with customers in real time. Vincent Mallardi, CMC, Chairman of PB/BA, will walk attendees through the P2M (Print-to-Mobile) process: the initiative to integrate and expand print as a driver to and from interactive social and mobile media.

“It is vital that the printing industry not miss yet another technological upheaval,” says Mallardi. “The key is to control the process, not just the reproduction of the elements.”