New Technology to Print Variable Data: Laser Mark-able Inks Engineered by ACTEGA Kelstar

Packaging for foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics requires expiration dates, lot and barcodes, and ingredient lists that change from batch to batch. ACTEGA Kelstar (Booth 2639) is now offering DataLase in both aqueous and UV liquid inks for creating a laser- markable surface on paper and plastic packaging. The ink changes color from white to black when exposed to a low- energy CO2 laser.

Typically, this information is printed digitally using inkjet or thermal transfer printers. This requires consumables to be purchased at the packager or brand owner. DataLase eliminates downtime associated with the replacement of consumables. Lasers are low maintenance and allow the generation of high-quality graphics. DataLase creates a positive, high-contrast black image as opposed to laser ablation, which burns through a dark ink creating a white image from the dark ink background. Ablation requires more energy and high-quality graphics, such as barcodes, which are very difficult to ablate.

Learn more about ACTEGA Kelstar’s DataLase inks and other products at Booth 2639.