American Dealer Group Meets Monday

ADG (American Dealer Group, Inc), an organization of graphic art equipment dealers representing the U.S. and Canada, is meeting on today from 7:30 -10:00 am in room S505B in McCormick Place.

“In the past, ADG has met once annually, but has recently decided that, due to the quickly changing nature of our industry and introduction of new products, we will now meet more often and in conjunction with trade shows and related events,” says Ellen Barrett, ADG Treasurer. “At this year’s meeting at GRAPH EXPO, we expect to have about 18 to 20 members present. We appreciate the ability to meet within McCormick Place during GRAPH EXPO 2011 and plan to make this an annual venue.”

ADG currently consists of 20 independently owned and operated companies. “We have also invited several new companies and expect our membership to be up to 25 dealers by 2012,” explains Barrett. “Our goal is to have an ADG Member Company available to the customer in every state and province of North America.”


Qualifying members

ADG members are chosen based on their ability to provide their customers with quality equipment and production solutions through experienced technical knowledge. They must be businesses with good credit history and employment practices.

“Our group’s mission is to support each other with innovative and constructive methods of sharing ideas and situations related to product lines and new opportunities, marketing, and business management,” notes Barrett. “As independent business owners, we feel we have much to offer both the end users and manufacturers with local sales and support. ADG’s collective concern is customer satisfaction. Now, more than ever before, customers demand professional attitudes, quick response times, technical expertise, and local support. This is what ADG companies bring to our customers.”

Most of ADG members represent Sakurai, MGI, Ryobi, Standard Horizon, Duplo, Screen, and Mitsubishi in addition to many more products related to the graphic communications industry.

ADG sales consulting experience focuses on successful equipment solutions in the graphic communications field as a person-to-person interaction. “In most cases, buyers need guidance in evaluating features, making model comparisons and determining the best fit for their application,” says Barrett. “In total ADG offers more than100 experienced and knowledgeable salespeople, and all equipment sales are locally supported.”