Kolorcraft Invests in Flatbed Printer to Grow Business

Kolorcraft, a POP display specialist in Ossett, West Yorkshire, UK, added the Inca Onset S40 as part of its strategy to grow the company by using the very latest technology to provide high-quality, value-added digital print in a very competitive marketplace.

According to Phil Findley, Managing Director of Kolorcraft, “We exhaustively researched the market before we chose the Onset S40. Inca has a good reputation for delivering next-generation technology, and Fujifilm [Booth 627]provides excellent ink and sales support. This combination, plus the quality, productivity, and flexibility of the machine, were all the key factors behind this investment.”

Added to Kolorcraft’s existing production line, which includes large-format and offset presses as well as multi-color screen-printing lines, the new Onset S40 is operational 24 hours a day and has added considerable digital print capacity and versatility to the company.

Martin Hampshaw, Sales and Marketing Director at Kolorcraft, says, “Our market is highly competitive, and in order to be successful, we have to work smarter and make use of the latest technology to improve quality, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. The Onset S40 fills the production gap between screen-printing and large-format litho perfectly, to allow us to handle any project quickly and efficiently.”

The design of the Onset S40 allows it to reproduce brand and corporate colors accurately, as well as to print edge-to-edge across its 63x123.6" bed and use a wide range of materials up to 2" thick.

The flexibility and quality of the Onset S40 is already helping Kolorcraft deliver new products and open up new markets. “Using variable data to deliver regionalized or store-specific campaigns offers great benefits to our clients,” Hampshaw says. “We recently produced fashion graphics for one client which featured 30 different image changes. Using conventional technology, this would have involved producing 120 large-format plates and considerable makeready time. The Onset S40’s direct-to-print capability allowed us to deliver both time and cost savings to our client.”

When asked if the Onset S40 is living up to expectations, Findley replies, “Not only has the Onset S40 significantly increased our production capacity, but it has also enabled us to offer competitive new products and compete in new sectors. Our strategy is to do more of what we do well to grow our business, and the Onset S40 is helping us to do that.”