Allegra Tampa Selects Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition for Digital Print Transition

When Allegra Design Print Mail of Tampa began the process of trying to move much of its business away from offset to digital, the company found it to be a slow and challenging transition. The digital color printers on the market were not able to deliver the speed or the quality the company was seeking, and therefore, many applications the staff intended to print digitally ended up still being printed on the offset presses.

“The primary reason we decided to go digital was because we knew our cost of goods would be significantly less if we could run the job digital instead of offset, but we struggled to find quality press operators that could satisfy our needs,” said Joel Routman, president of Allegra Tampa.

The Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition, which Ricoh introduced at GRAPH EXPO last year, was the answer Routman and his team had been looking for. It offers Allegra Tampa advanced technology that makes it possible to achieve high-quality imaging on a wide range of media with maximum output speed. It operates at a speed of 90 pages per minute and is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s graphic arts professional as more and more applications migrate from offset to digital.

“The Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition is as close to offset quality as you can get with a digital press. It just doesn’t have that sheen that you find with so many other digital machines out there. We have customers who don’t want that sheen. They want the offset look,” says Routman. “What really excites us is that when we show our customers the quality coming off this digital press, they get this deer-in-the-headlights look and say ‘Wow. This is great.’ And when they realize their costs are also going to go down dramatically, they are even happier.”

Following installation of the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition, Routman reports significant return on investment (ROI). Specifically, Routman notes a substantial cost savings as a result of not having to spend time lining up images from front to back. And the capability of the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition to handle numerous stacks has been a huge benefit, saving additional time and money, according to Routman. Now, Allegra Tampa can run anything from a 24-pound paper to a 14-point cover stock, and the machine can handle it without jamming.

Routman also reports that his staff is less frustrated because they no longer struggle with issues like getting the color accurate. Rather, the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition is equipped with a Fiery RIP that makes color corrections easy.

“I told my staff that finally the time is truly right to seriously start pushing digital,” says Routman. “Now we have the digital press in place that allows us to really satisfy our customers by giving them the turnaround time they need and the quality they are looking to achieve.”

Please visit the Ricoh (booth #2600) to view the full case study video of Joel Routman and Allegra Tampa.