Prinect Business Manager

Prinect Business Manager (PBM) is a powerful MIS solution for printing companies that offers big system features and enables print shop managers to respond continuously and appropriately to customers’ growing quality, service, and price requirements. PBM supports all steps from estimating through job handling to invoicing and follow-up job costing, enabling companies to structure their administration and sales more efficiently and to optimize their processes. PBM requests production specific details and guides the user through the costing process.

Prinect Business Manager also offers a perfectly networked communication between all areas, forming the basis for a standardized database. It also facilitates the systematic implementation of the high-performance data formats JDF, XML and PDF. Open interfaces with JDF/JMF and XML input and output enable seamless process integration with the Prinect workflow and other JDF/XML-enabled workflows. Utilizing full production capacity information, PBM offers support for all processes and cost centers, yielding manageable, yet accurate, estimates. Estimates are transformed into electronically available quotes and job tickets that are dynamically updated as production reacts to changing work requirements.

Automatic acceptance of operational data from the Prinect Prepress Manager, Pressroom Manager and Postpress Manager enables precise actual/target comparisons and accurate job costing. When costing with PBM, all job-related production stages are determined in advance and each procedure is pre-structured. The system defines the product and determines the operations to be performed, the order in which they are to be carried out, the cost center, and key deadlines. Production status and change orders are available to all workplaces via data terminal or directly on equipment consoles.

Prinect Business Manager covers all areas, from prepress to press to postpress. It processes a job seamlessly and consistently from the quotation stage to actual costing and billing. It also gives the best support for generating sales and winning orders. The clear representation of all financial processes and results are available at all times, even for complex print products with different components produced on multiple presses. Based on a customized production library, production costs are calculated automatically. A production timetable is also created based on the customers’ deadlines, and remains visible throughout the entire production, ensuring efficient completion. PBM can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of every company.

Finally, Prinect Business Manager brings new functionality to Heidelberg with a graphically rich user interface, full custom reporting, and the ability to compare a print run’s efficiency on various printing equipment (including digital) before a quote is presented to the customer.