A Quest to Eliminate Marking

PRI, a Printing Research, Inc. company (Booth 3244), is spotlighting its line of anti-marking systems at this year’s GRAPH EXPO. Headlining the exhibit are PRI’s flagship products, Super Blue 2 with StripeNet, the dynamic duo that combines to form an anti-marking, anti-static system that virtually eliminates all marking and static electricity problems on sheetfed offset presses.

The culmination of 30 years of R&D, Super Blue 2 consists of a specially treated conductive and frictionless base cover material that is installed at delivery cylinder positions and covered with StripeNet, an anti-marking, anti-static, ink-repellent net.

StripeNet nets, the newer component of the system, have been pre-stretched, pressed flat, and precision-cut to specific press sizes. Press operators will find that there is little or no need to readjust these nets after long press runs, reports the company. Also, the stripes in StripeNet nets are made of a conductive material, further reducing static and providing a visual guide aiding in trimming and installation.

Super Blue 2 delivers faster make-readies, more available presstime, less paper waste, and no static build-up.


More to come

PRI is also showing Blue Glass anti-marking film, designed to reduce marking problems associated with ink/coating build up on the surfaces of cylinder transfer positions; Super Blue 2 LT, a fully integrated, disposable anti-marking, anti-static kit that incorporates the StripeNet anti-marking net and the base cover into a single integrated piece; and Super Blue 3, PRI’s 2010 InterTech Technology award-winning system.

Super Blue 3 is a transfer cylinder blanket made up of polymer-based threads that provides an extraordinary amount of impressions without marking or the need for cleaning.

Representatives from PRI Technologies, also a Printing Research, Inc. company, are on hand to provide information on the company’s line of drying systems, including Quik Dry and Air Blanket infrared drying systems, and Zone and Cold UV curing systems.

“With our systems, you will improve the quality of your services by becoming a low-cost provider of the highest quality graphics,” says Gene Van Horn, PRI Advertising Manager.

PRI Technologies is dedicated to supplying its customers with the highest quality products and services available, delivered on time, with zero defects, Van Horn adds.