Flexible Magnets "R" Us!

After opening its business doors in 1991, Magnum Magnetics (Booth 2948) completed its first run of flexible magnetic sheeting in May 1992. The company started operations in a 10,000 sq.ft. building in Marietta, OH. After several expansions, it now operates two facilities totaling 160,000 sq.ft., producing flexible permanent magnets, including sheeting, strip, and extrusions.

“Our customers have helped us to grow, and we will always work hard to earn their respect,” says Megan Sargent, Magnum Magnetics’ National Sales & Marketing Manager-Retail. “We know we can’t make our business relationship a long-term one if we don’t continually meet customer needs quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.”

At GRAPH EXPO, Magnum Magnetics is debuting new printable magnet media with Clean Cut technology. Designed for commercial and sign printers, it outperforms conventional magnetic material by virtually eliminating delamination and adhesive build up on cutting equipment, for simple and easy diecutting, slitting, and punching.

Also on display are the DigiMag Plus 7000 Certified Magnetic Material, the only magnetic material certified for the HP Indigo 7000; MuscleMag High Energy Magnetic Sheeting, nonmagnetized, very thin sheeting for smooth feeding through digital presses; and High Energy Portable Desktop Magnetizers to magentize digitally printed high-energy flexible magnetic material.