Mail Room: Ask Sandra

Sandra Long, vice president, Printer Market and Customer Development, Pitney Bowes, answers readers’ questions about mailing. Send your questions to her at

Q: How does adding a QR code to a mailpiece bring value to my customer?

A: There are benefits to both you and your customer. Many of your small business customers will not know how to easily incorporate QR codes or understand the benefits to their organizations. This is an opportunity to teach them to leverage the real estate of their entire mailpiece. They are already paying for the major cost of materials, printing, and postage, so why not be the one to help them connect with their customers via website, see a video, or fill out a survey?

There is technology available that you can easily create black-and-white or color QR codes as you simultaneously print permit or meter, return address, and other graphic messages onto an envelope.

By understanding the value of using QR codes and having the equipment and services in place to easily design and integrate them on marketing communications and mail pieces, you become more of a valued marketing services consultant, beyond only printing. Your customers will return to you because you are helping them expand the effectiveness of their marketing materials by connecting their physical documents with their digital presence.

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