Platt College Wins 2011 PGSF Design Competition

Platt College, Aurora, CO, has won the 2011 Print and Graphics Scholarship (PGSF) College Poster design competition. The poster, titled “Get a Scholarship that Makes Your Dreams a Reality,” will be given to all U.S. colleges and high schools with printing and graphic communication programs for the 2011–2012 academic year.

This student-designed poster, used to promote the availability of scholarships to pursue a career in the graphic communication industry, is available in the PGSF Booth (5145) in the Education Main Street pavilion.

The poster design competition entry was used by classes and individual students as a real working assignment. “Industry support is vital for anyone in the design field. Some of the best educational moments that a student can receive are from industry professionals themselves. The design industry lends itself to apprenticeship, and where the circle of education begins and exists is always in the gift of apprenticeship,” according to Dr. Julie Basler, VP of Academic Affairs. “PGSF helps students realize their potential in education. Students should take their education, their talent, and their energy and let their community know that knowledge is a gift to be shared. A healthy work environment is a place to be cherished and human dignity and opportunity are conditions to be enjoyed.”

“The posters submitted are of a truly professional caliber, making it a challenging choice for our team of judges.” says Ted Ringman, VP of Development at PGSF. “Dominic Glover, Platt College’s winning student, used powerful graphics that call for attention.”