Editor's Note: Dog Days of Summer

Whatever happened to the lazy days of summer? There used to be a time when summer meant days at the beach, lemonade by the pitcher full, and dinners on the BBQ because it was too hot to cook inside. For our industry, the summer also gave many of us the chance to catch our breath and take some vacation time before the hectic fall season of trade show travel began.

Somehow those lazy days of summer turned into a whirlwind, squeezed in between concerts (Maroon 5, Train, and Matt Nathanson simply rocked the Nikon Jones Beach Theater), trips into NYC to visit the MET and chase food trucks (Waffle Truck—enough said), daily walking groups (especially needed after the last activity), weekend jaunts on the Island, and a completely packed work schedule—thanks in part to having the GRAPH EXPO Show Daily and the September issues of all three of our books in production at the same time. Between all the issues we’re providing to the graphic arts market in September, you’ll find a boat-load of valuable information to aid in your business decisions in the upcoming months as 2011 draws to a close.

I know I wrote about GRAPH EXPO in last month’s editorial, but in this issue you’ll find a preview of the show and a highlight of some of the wide-format products that will be displayed on the show floor, beginning on page 60. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed if you attend. Between the new products on the show floor and the educational sessions, there are also an additional 33 groups co-locating providing attendees with a host of avenues to gain the critical business intelligence you’re looking for.

This issue of Wide-Format Imaging focuses heavily on the consumables side of the market with articles on specialty and exotic media (page 54) and overlaminates (page 19). Industry experts weigh in on both topics and help PSPs understand the unique challenges and opportunities when using film and liquid laminates and specialty media.

We also highlight several high-profile photographers and digital fine art artists, and how their transition to digital input and output has helped to skyrocket their careers and open up opportunities for growth they had never considered before. Turn to page 14.

Before the last days of August completely escape me, I’m going to grab myself an ice tea and sit down to work on the October State of the Industry Report (and plan for today’s after-work walk). Safe travels to Chicago. Hope to see you there!