How'd They Print That? The GRAPH EXPO Show Daily

GRAPH EXPO attendees don’t have to wait to get to the show to find out about the day’s activities and announcements. That’s because when you open your hotel room door, the GRAPH EXPO Show Daily is waiting for you every morning before the show begins. No, Santa’s elves are not working behind the scenes, but a team of dedicated editors, artists, photographers, production people, printers, and delivery workers are.

The GRAPH EXPO Show Daily is a joint project of the Graphic Arts Show Company, Cygnus Business Media, which publishes Quick Printing, Printing News, and Wide-Format Imaging, and Quad/Graphics in Sussex, WI.

Cygnus Publisher Kelley Holmes says, “The GRAPH EXPO Show Daily is our biggest outside project of the year. We assemble a team of professionals from around the country, including a full production team and IT professionals, to make sure that this publication is produced and delivered without a hitch.

“In addition to the printed daily publication, we offer a digital version that goes out to approximately 90,000 people across the country, making this information available even to printers who can’t attend the show. There is also a mini-website for GRAPH EXPO on, complete with video interviews, a photo gallery, and Show Daily e-newsletter. It takes a lot to bring it all together, but it is so rewarding that it is definitely worth all the effort.”

Quad/Graphics, North America’s second largest printer, is pleased to be producing the print and electronic online versions of the GRAPH EXPO Show Daily again this year. Gary Gramz, a customer service representative at Quad’s Sussex, WI, location, heads up a cross functional team that allows Quad to meet the extremely tight deadlines required to make the Show Daily happen.

“At Quad, our corporate slogan is ‘Innovative People Redefining Print,’” says Gramz. “Working with Cygnus’ editorial and design team, we have been able to redefine a production workflow that seamlessly allows for the efficient and timely production of the print and online components. Integrated systems and solutions allow us to be fast and efficient, and deliver the breaking news and information of the day through a multichannel approach. GRAPH EXPO is all about what is new and news in our industry, and in its own small way, the production of the GRAPH EXPO Show Daily is all about new technologies and new solutions allowing printers and publishers to do more, to do it faster, and to do it more efficiently. That’s a key for print’s future.”