documobi Makes Print Interactive

Printers now have the option of making any printed piece interactive using iPR, “intelligent print recognition,” from documobi. Announced Sunday at GRAPH EXPO 2011, this new capability allows a documobi licensed printer to create value and win more business.

documobi digitizes printing using three simple components. The documobi Creator app is available to printers under license for iPad 2 and iPhone. And it's simple: capture any printed piece using the camera, type in a destination and description, and the printed piece is indexed in the cloud and given a unique ID. Wherever in the world a copy of that print exists, it is now interactive. The documobi Reader app is available as a free download for Android and iPhone. Simply point at the indexed print, press scan, and you are immediately linked to the relevant content. The documobi Connect portal is the nerve center of the system and allows users to upload and manage indexed pages, redirect URL destinations, and measure their campaigns with granular data, including advanced geo-location analytics.

Visitors to the documobi booth (Booth 3967) during GRAPH EXPO 2011 are invited to sign up for the limited beta program, which will launch in the U.S. in October.