Beyond ‘Marks on Paper’ ­— The Future of Quick and Small Commercial Printers

Speaking to an audience of quick and small commercial printers, Cygnus Graphics Media Group Editorial Director Bob Hall laid out the reality of a changing market: “The economy isn’t going to come back and rescue businesses,” Hall said. “And putting marks on paper is not enough anymore.”
Twenty years ago quick and small commercial printers didn’t have to compete with digital mediums. Today, Hall explained, over 35 percent of sales for these printers come from products and services outside of traditional printing. Small commercial printers who want to increase profits and maintain market share need to embrace disruptive technologies and social media, he said. Digital services are key to survival.
For example, Hall pointed to, which not only prints a monthly 56-page magazine, but also embraces Facebook and Twitter in addition to producing podcasts, blogs, and webcasts.