EFI Asks “Why Can’t We All Just Print Gold?”

Why can’t we all just print gold?” That was the question posed by EFI CEO Guy Gecht yesterday. The always optimistic Gecht pointed out that since GRAPH EXPO 2010 the price of gold has increased by more than 50%, and he had some observations that might help graphic communications companies at least feel like they are printing gold.
Even in slow market conditions, Gecht asserts that there are still areas that are experiencing growth. Those include short-run personalized documents, signage, and packaging. And EFI (Booth 2000) is well positioned to help its customers tap into those market segments.
Of the products on display at GRAPH EXPO 2011, two have been designated as Must See ‘Em’s—Digital StoreFront Ticket and PrintSmith Vision—and nine are listed as Worth-a-Looks; more than any other company. And as part of the company’s commitment to cloud-based applications, it recently introduced iPrint, which enables users to print from anywhere via their iPad, iPhone, or iPod.
In the EFI booth, the company will highlight its diverse portfolio and strong integration between solutions by displaying its products around vertical markets that match customers’ business needs, divided into six segments: On Demand, Commercial Printing, In-Plant/CRD, Publishing/Mailing, Packaging/Labeling, and Mobile Computing.
For the first time, EFI will allow show attendees to print emails and documents for free from their smartphones to a Fiery-driven printer. (Visit Booth 2000 for details.)