Technique Offers New iPhone/iPad MIS App

Technique announced a new MIS app for iPad and iPhone at GRAPH EXPO 2011. Touted as a “completely new mobile management information system (MIS) and executive reporting too,” iTechnique uses cloud technology and runs as a native app on the iPhone and iPad.

According Technique president Chris Wood, iTechnique is a fully fledged application with the ability to create and update information. It provides a mobile window into a company where users can quote, estimate and re-price jobs, schedule production, collect shop floor data, and manage orders. Other major enhancements from Techniques include a fulfillment and inventory management system, auto production scheduling,and a CSR checklist for order management.

Also announced at GRAPH EXPO 2011 was a new partnership between Technique and LithoTechnics, makers of the Metrix intelligent and automated job planning and imposition system. Said Wood,“ Timing could not be better. Technique has an increasing number of commercial and direct mail customers who really like both of our products. Working together will provide an unbeatable combination. The saving in time and workflow improvement for printers with complex impositions, including ganging, will be fantastic.”

According to LithoTechnics, “As a server, Metrix Automation needs a client to pass in the job parameters. Technique has these job parameters and their commitment to our bidirectional data exchange offers printers very exciting efficiency and productivity gains.”