G7 Summit - IDEAlliance Co-locates at Graph Expo for Education and Connectivity

During the first of a three-part series, IDEAlliance Vice President of Media Technologies Joe Fazzi (at right) gave a crowd of print-industry professionals an overview of G7 technology. G7 has been described as both a definition of grayscale appearance and as a calibration method for adjusting a CMYK device to simulate grayscale. Intended for industry professionals of all levels of knowledge, the G7 Summit is a ‘must see’ for anyone involved in print production.
G7 PCC Expert, Ron Ellis, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC, (seated) works with IDEAlliance to train professionals in graphic communications to bring G7-based process controls to printers, creative agencies, and design studios. The G7 PCC Program is designed to optimize the printing process through on-site training, development of custom standard operating procedures, and periodic assessment.
Under the banner “Taking Control: Profiting from Process Control—Driving Productivity & Profits from the G7 Methodology,” the IDEAlliance G7 Summit 2011 offers seminars and labs that provide ideas and best practices on how to integrate digital workflows for an efficient production process. In-depth educational sessions explore the latest in G7 process control, standards, and tools. A roundtable discussion presents real case histories of G7 on the shop floor. There are programs for experienced users as well as new adoptees. Tickets can be purchased for individual days or as part of a three-day package.