Making Print Digital Through Intelligent Print Recognition

The reinvention of print is here...with a new tool that will make it interactive.” That was the exciting message of Peter Lancaster, co-founder with Larry Vaughn of Houston-based documobi (Booth 3967), to attendees at his press conference Sunday afternoon.
The company’s iPR, or “intelligent Print Recognition,” allows users to scan any print with a smart phone and be transported to videos, mobile-optimized coupons, and other rich content. With documobi, it happens effortlessly, without need for codes or tags.
The printed material documobi recognizes can be anything, says Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, former CMO for Kodak, author of The Mirror Test and a documobi supporter.
“You can walk up to a sign, a logo, a shirt, or even a tie and get information on that product. This will allow printers to make a lot more money, and do so in a brand new way,” Hayzlett told conference attendees.
Added Lancaster: “If you’re a printer, with documobi as an application, in 90 seconds you can make any printing interactive. It’s a gateway to an online world where print can be digital.”
Finally, documobi is affordable. An annual license is $1,995.00 but it’s $995.00 at the show.