Keen Print Industry Revolution Aims to Change Way Printing Industry Operates

At Monday morning’s press conference, Keen Systems (Booth 1071) founder and CEO Vitaly M. Golomb argued that the printing industry is overdue for a revolution.
The printing industry is three times the size of the video game industry, and eight times the size of the airline industry. That translates to more than $640 billion worth of business globally every year. Yet only three percent of the industry’s business is transacted online. That results in much of the daily processes being all too labor intensive, prone to human error and highly inefficient, Golomb asserted.
Clearly, print service providers are in need of new opportunities to grow more efficient and profitable. Keen Systems’ platform can provide such an opportunity. The Keen approach is a turnkey end-to-end system designed to improve every step of the process, providing greater everyday efficiency, convenience and market reach. With Keen Systems’ solution, PSPs can create a web presence and online store, freeing up salespeople to pursue new business.
Keen’s new way to manage customer interactions costs $99 a month for a basic subscription, with no limits on customers, transactions or uploads. “The cloud environment is very robust,” Golomb says. “This is a fully redundant and secure system.”