Working to Ensure Quality Printing Educations

The Accrediting Council for Collegiate Graphic Communications, Inc. (ACCGC) was founded in 1998 by education and printing company officials. Its goal: Making sure those interested in entering the printing industry get top-quality printing educations, says Jerry Waite, professor of digital media at the University of Houston, and outgoing president of the ACCGC.
“Our group looks at what schools are attempting to accomplish,” he says. “Is there a budget? Are the facilities up to date? Is the faculty well trained? Does the school keep up with the industry? Are the students well advised? Are there jobs for them? And is there an advising committee advising the administration?”
Programs at eight universities and colleges have been fully accredited; another four are under consideration, adds Ervin A. Dennis, managing director of the ACCGC and professor emeritus of the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. “Each school has to write a very detailed program self-study, and a three-individual team from academia and industry visits to determine the veracity of the school’s claims. The team meets with the president, students, and those in between and makes a decision within 30 days.”
Adds Waite, “We want to do our best to improve the quality of graphic communications education where it’s taught at the collegiate level.”